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Beehive is done, no more practicum, I'm wiggling in a tiny flesh-colored puddle. I'm so happy to have my Tuesday and Thursday afternoons back! (So that I have an extra six hours a week to procrastinate.)

The film shoot on Friday and Sunday went fine. The bullet hole turned out spiffy, and I got to run to Acme costumes and pick up some fun stuff. Flesh colored liquid latex (Not white! Sweet!), scar paint, skin putty. I hope I have time over Winter Break to practice more. With the way the economy is going I don't expect to get a job, so it should be blood, dogs, and writing. Not related (Mostly...Actually, come to think of my NaNo...They kinda will be. Huh.)

I really wish I had time to NaNo. If I can wrap up most of my finals before this weekend I can hopefully get up to about 10k, which will leave me right on target to squeeze by this year. Hotcha!

Nothing else too exciting. Scripts chugging along slowly, ten more journals to write, some furniture to finish. Nothing too big. Gonna go wrap up my Art History paper and send that off, then polish off the script, a journal or two, and finally the model's furniture.

Almost done, almost home. It's kinda overwhelming. Where did the last ten weeks go?

P.S: Still reeling from Lombardo liking my script. Ehhhhh?!

EDIT: For Hezza: Boytoy and I are doing fine. No news, no babies, no sexy time. Have you and Meatloaf even held hands yet?

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Sometimes life is very traumatizing.


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So...Here I am, avoiding my last five or so hours of finals. And avoiding packing, for that matter. Dunno why. I'm really excited to be going home, but I also am terribly reluctant to leave here...

I've been in my room all day waiting for my roommate to come by, since I have a few things I need to talk to her about. She hasn't dropped by, though. Oh well...

I hope everyone's doing ok. I think everyone finally gave up on trying to contact me on Facebook (Not that I blame them! :) ), since I haven't had any announcements in a while now. So I don't know how anyone's doing, really...But I hope the answer is 'well', at the least.

I haven't blogged in years. Four, I think specifically. This feels really weird...

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